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Rookie - Rules


Rookie Game Rules


Here are the rules for Rookie Baseball 2016:

1.        Games to start at 6:30 pm and end at 8pm with no new innings starting after 7:45pm. 

a.        Coaches please be ready to start warm up no later than 6:00pm to ensure players are physically and mentally prepared for games to commence at 6:30pm.  Proper arm, and body maintenance is important to all level of athletes.


2.        Teams are required to practice minimum 1 practice per week. (weather permitting)


3.        Each batter receives up to a MAX 7 overhand pitches from coach pitch. 

a.        To ensure fairness and fluency, coaches are asked to stay within the allotted max and pitch from a distance no closer than 25ft, no further away than 38ft.

b.        Dimensions of the field should be per BBA standard 55’ between bases and 38 ft to mound.

c.         Please practice your coach pitching to ensure each player has the opportunity to receive 7 hittable pitches. 

d.        Coaches are encouraged to pitch from one knee or both knees thus allowing the ball to come in at the appropriate angle.


4.        Each team is allowed 3 outs or 5 runs per inning, whichever happens first. 


5.        The player that is in the pitching position should be standing beside or diagonally behind the coach who is doing the pitching (or using the machine if playing away).


6.        Every player is included in the batting order and no one should be overlooked at any point. 


7.        Each team should field the appropriate number of players (9 players to cover the 9 positions) and it is strongly recommended you rotate their fielding position every inning

a.        An extra player can be added as an additional shortstop between first and second base.

b.        Additional players must be put in the outfield and are required to play in the outfield only.


8.        No leadoffsstealing or bunting.  

a.        Runners must return to base if caught leaving early.  

b.        If the batter hits the ball fair and a runner has left early, all base runners must return to their bases and the batter must bat again.  

c.         The fair-hit ball will count against the 7 pitch rule.  

d.        Runners are required to have one foot on the bag at all times when the ball is not live.

e.        Only 1 extra base will be awarded on an overthrow.


9.        If the ball is hit into the outfield and thrown into the infield, the base runner must be half way or more to the next base, when the ball reaches the infield, in order to secure that base.  If the base runner is less than half way to the next base when the ball reaches the infield, he/she must return to the prior base.  Once the ball returns to the coach pitcher, the play is dead.


10.    Remember, you are out there for the kids and to Collaboratively Organize and Develop an Experience for these kids that will encourage them to return to the game… Process over Outcome, and enjoy yourself!


11.    Coaches are required to submit scores to an online formThis is not for public use and is at the discretion of the coaches to ensure that development is focused on over “winning”.  The purpose of the score submissions is to allow the level and tournament directors to properly balance tournament pools and scheduling.