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The Rally Cap division is for players between the ages of 4 and 7.   This is a “grassroots” developmental type program focused on letting the players (and adults) have fun playing baseball.  Coaches have only 6 to 8 players on their team and play skill based “mini” games (practice drills) with the players to begin developing basic baseball skills.  This keeps the players actually playing while developing different skill sets.  The teams meet at the ball field twice a week, and as the players develop, they can earn different color hats (6 levels/colors total) by performing different drills set out by Baseball Canada.

Rally Cap replaces the former term “T-ball” and eliminates the players standing around getting bored out in field.  Being a developmental level of baseball, the focus is on good sportsmanship, having fun, and playing the great game of baseball.  Teams meet twice a week, in Stony Plain only and either play Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  It starts with practice and ends with an actual game played against another team.  Since the teams are smaller, all players get lots of opportunity to play in field as well as bat.  No score is kept and the inning ends when every player has hit.  It’s a great way for young players to learn and enjoy the game of baseball.


New Rally Cap Season Begins in May!

Rally Cap Division begins in May and typically runs until the end of June.  The actual start date is weather dependent.  Stay tuned for more details.

Don't forget, this year the player in your home can play either Monday/Wednesday nights or Tuesday/Thursday nights.  Playtime is 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Register now online or come to one of our 3 in person registration dates.  For more information, click in the the Registration Tab.
Posted on Tue, February 17, 2015