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Tiny Libraries Project

Our SPAMBA project is a perfect example of how small acts can have large impacts in our community. I think it’s important for our children to learn that they shouldn’t always focus on BIG things which can sometimes be so overwhelming that it intimidates people so much they never get started. Our project seems small enough, we did a book-drive to support the Take Time To Read tiny libraries project run by the libraries in the Tri-Area, but it has a lot of impact when you take a closer look.

To begin with, the Take Time to Read tiny libraries are located in the Tri-Leisure Centre, the Parkland Food Bank, Paul Band, Alexis Sioux First Nation and other locations around the Tri-Area. The libraries keep those tiny libraries stocked with books which anyone can take. There are no fines or fees for not returning them; instead people are encouraged to share them with their friends and family, return them to the tiny library or even to one of the libraries in the Tri-Area. The idea is to make it even easier for our community to have access to books, reading and literature. The libraries use donated books to stock these libraries and that’s where SPAMBA comes in!

Our project supports our community’s libraries, not just through the book drive that we did a few weeks ago but also with the time-consuming part of sorting through the donations and processing them by putting the Take Time To Read stickers and the little blurb inside that tells people to enjoy the book and either keep it or pass it on. The kids will be responsible for all of this work because our libraries are so busy the extra donations could be a drain on their resources. This way, the kids are actively involved in getting these books out into the community. The little library at the Parkland Food Bank is particularly active and needs constant replenishing given the increase in clients they’ve had over the last few months. The libraries try to makes sure plenty of children’s books make it to there.

What makes this project even more impactful is that it helps to show our kids how important balance is in our lives. Sports and libraries might seem to be at the opposite ends of the spectrum; there’s always the stereotype of the “jock” vs the “bookworm”. By having our ball players work with libraries we help break down those stereotypes. Our kids need to learn how important it is to be physically active AND literate as well in order to be well-rounded citizens.

Our project also fosters citizenship in our players by getting them to think beyond themselves to our community at large and to show them the power of partnerships. The Take Time To Read tiny libraries span the entire Tri-Region area; a project with that kind of scope requires the work of multiple organizations and it’s such a great opportunity for our players to see how their seemingly small actions have such a huge impact.